Antibes video surveillance installation


Do you want to install a video surveillance system in Antibes to protect your home or your workplace from a possible burglary? We are video surveillance professionals in Antibes and its surroundings and are at your disposal to offer you products and services guaranteeing you optimal security.

Video surveillance for individuals: making the right choice

The range of video surveillance systems has grown amply in recent years and adapts to all budgets. From now on, the installation of video surveillance is developing in private homes for various purposes: protection of your property, safety of people and your home, detection of intruders, etc. With PSF Security your video protection, includes the installation of indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras, statistics or airship, according to your wishes, the goal being to detect a possible intrusion. Some models combining maximum security and high technicality, are paired with a 24-hour recording device and thus allow viewing of the images afterwards. Digital communication can be done via your cell phone, tablet or computer. These digital media not only allow you to view images but can also allow you to remotely control security cameras located inside and / or outside your home. In order to make the surveillance system more efficient, we add motion detectors and switches on the doors and windows. So, if there is any movement detection, it will automatically send an alert to the smartphone.

vidéosurveillance Antibes

Professionals: a monitoring system adapted to your needs

Do you want to install a surveillance system for your company in order to strengthen the security of your employees, your equipment and your professional buildings? Video surveillance has the advantages of monitoring and filming continuously or on the move thanks to high definition or even ultra high definition (4K) cameras.

State-of-the-art technology brings fine grain to recorded images and high resolution for deep zooming. In order to identify the equipment appropriate to the needs of your business, our video protection experts at PSF Sécurité will perform a security audit of your professional warehouses to recommend the optimal solution.

Construction sites: video surveillance for optimal protection

Video surveillance is a very good way to increase the safety of your site and avoid intrusions for depredations while ensuring good safety for your staff. It can be installed in addition to a security service or even replace it with the installation of cameras that can monitor it as a whole. High-definition wireless infrared or thermal cameras, with variable range, provide night vision and film in monochrome as soon as they detect movement.

Depending on the model chosen, you can connect to your surveillance cameras remotely in real time or have access to delayed recordings. Another significant advantage of installing a video surveillance system is that you can lower your insurance contributions. In Antibes or its surroundings, whether you are an individual or a professional, do not hesitate to contact us to establish together the video surveillance project you need!