The installation of a security system by a local and experienced company in Nice!

Because your protection matters, PSF Sécurité personalizes your installation, changes it or integrates a new security system.


During installation, we respect precise and orderly specifications to support our client in all stages of his project.

Icône de validation par la communauté

Location analysis

Before setting up a video surveillance, alarm or fire system; our security technician and the project manager will work together to develop the desired type of architecture as well as the needs

  1. Project study: PSF Sécurité and the client will together define the objectives of the video surveillance, alarm or fire-fighting system.
  2. Equipment selection: The selection of technical equipment is necessary for the achievement of the objectives, the structure of the installation and the scalability of the system that have been defined.


Secondly, PSF Sécurité establishes its specifications and the chosen offer with the various elements selected:

  1. Functional study: the security system installation project is studied according to the result of the analysis of the places to be secured
  2. Project validation: PSF security, before any implementation of the project, validates the objectives and the terms of equipment with the customer

Advice and solution proposal adapted to the environment

  1. Duty of advice: the PSF security team carries out the project in accordance with the client’s request and according to the work schedule previously set.
  2. Auditing of standards and certifications: an expertise from PSF Sécurité identifies the installations put in place and verifies that they have been properly brought into conformity in accordance with the laws applicable on a case-by-case basis.

Coordination and site monitoring

Our team of security advisers ensure the technical monitoring of the site and connect the equipment of the alarm and video surveillance system for optimum service:

  1. Site preparation and equipment testing

  2. Installation of the components of the video surveillance and alarm system
  3. Control of work progress and commissioning of the safety system


PSF Sécurité performs the following tests and technical settings:

  1. Fire safety, alarm or video surveillance system

  2. Connection to the computer network in connection with the security system

Skill transfer

The transfer of skills allows the user to quickly learn about the equipment and its functionalities:

  • Configuration and administration of security systems
  • Prevention of common device malfunctions
  • Image search and video footage extraction
  • Alarm simulation and intrusion detector

And many others…

System care and maintenance with customer follow-up

In a spirit of partnership, we remain at your disposal for any request for audits, in order to think with you about the solutions to be developed and to respond to your problems of tomorrow.