As a specialist in security, video surveillance and alarm systems in Nice, PSF Sécurité advises you on the latest technologies: the “THE VOICE” siren, and “TK COMPTAGE”

The “THE VOICE” siren
What is the main function of this siren?

This product has been designed to meet signage needs. An indoor and outdoor model offers the possibility of associating the triggering of a high-power siren with voice messages available in a library of recorded phrases. It is possible to record voice messages yourself. This customization is ideal to adapt to the specifics of your site and will complement all of your devices, including thermal cameras.

Apply barrier gestures thanks to the hard-hitting impact of the broadcast of voice messages using the “THE VOICE” system

The siren can be configured to broadcast the following reminders: social distancing, hygiene, wearing a mask, respecting the marking areas, an area under thermal surveillance. Ideal in a factory, store, restaurant, airport, etc.

alarme à NiceThe voice



What is the main function of this security system?

The challenge of this camera is to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers since the number of people must be limited depending on the surface of the sites open to the public. There are 2 variations of this system: a standard version and a ready-to-use “packaged” version with its assembly structure which is ideal in public spaces and mainly in the event business.

TKCOMPTAGE solutions make it possible to regulate passage flows, by adapting to existing entrances and exits, avoiding the need to mobilize staff to this action. With its counting system, this product informs you in real time of the number of people inside and the places remaining available. Once the quota is exceeded, an automatic alarm reminds you that the threshold has been exceeded.






These systems are major assets and promote public control, especially in this unprecedented period of COVID19. They allow the simple and effective implementation of all the recommendations to be implemented to prevent the spread of the pandemic.