The thermal camera is the essential tool for video surveillance of critical or precise areas!

This device is ideal on round-the-clock monitoring to provide visual image quality based on heat emission.

* Compatible avec le contrôle à distance


The thermal PTZ dome camera works in a network and it is perfectly possible to install it outdoors as well as indoors. Its intelligent operation makes it suitable for use in buildings under construction or passageways such as an airport with the heatmap function which detects busy areas. This totally innovative camera has already proven its worth in many urban applications, also thanks to its 360 ° swiveling camera and its night vision in infrared mode.

Extremely powerful and enduring, the thermal PTZ camera is able from its laser to reach ranges of up to 500 m and to transcribe HD quality of the images captured in 2 Megapixels.

Finally, thermal quality makes it possible to detect people or moving objects in extreme environments such as fog and snow. You can easily supplement the functionality of the camera with options included in the camera such as object search or facial recognition.


* Compatible avec le contrôle à distance
App(s) compatible(s)
iDMSS is an application for remote control of your electronic video surveillance devices. You can use many remote monitoring functions from your phone, tablet or computer.
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Thermal camera
Type of sensor:
Long Life, Uncooled VOx microbolomètre
Effective pixels:
640 (H) x 512 (V)
Pixel Size:
Thermal sensitivity:
Spectral range:
7 ~ 14um
Focal distance :
Betting range:
Athermalized, without focus
Viewing Angle (H × V):
* 90 ° 69 ° * 45 ° 37 ° * 32 ° 26 °
Effective Distance ①
(2.3m * 2.3m) Détection: 640m Reconnaissance: 170m identification: 70m Détection: 1300m Reconnaissance: 340m identification: 170m Détection: 2000m Reconnaissance: 500m identification: 250m
(1.8m * 0.5m) Détection: 250m Reconnaissance: 60m Numéro d' identification: 40m Détection: 450m Reconnaissance: 120m identification: 60m Détection: 650m Reconnaissance: 160m identification: 80m
Camera feature
Digital zoom:
Color palettes:
14 (Whitehot / Blackhot / Ironrow / Icefire / Fusion \ arc \ Globow \ Iconbow1 \ Iconbow2 .etc)
Support, custom areas
Motion detection:
Temperature measurement
Measuring range :
Low Gain -40 ° C ~ + 550 ° C -- High Gain -40 ° C à + 160 ° C,
Measurement accuracy:
Max (± 2 ° C ± 2%)
Measuring mode:
Point / Line / Area
Temperature alarm:
Press on the temperature alarm, hot spot track.
profil H.264Main / profil H.264High / M-JPEG
Bit Rate :
-448 - 8192Kbbps
Video output:
IP / analogique (HDCVI Facultatif)
Smart function
Smart detection:
Intelligent detection (optional) Tripwire Intrusion Object Detect (People & Vehicle) Heat source detect and alarm
Compression :
G.711a / G.711u (8K 16BIT)
Max. User access:
20 utilisateurs
Smartphone :
iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone
Pan / Tilt Range :
Pan: 0 ° ~ 360 ° sans fin; Inclinaison: -15 ° ~ 90 °, flip automatique à 180 °
Manuel Speed Control :
Pan: 0,1 ° ~ 300 ° / s; Tilt: 0,1 ° ~ 120 ° / s
Preset Speed:
Pan: 300 ° / s; Tilt: 200 ° / s
Preset :
Note :
RMS distance values ​​shown are nominal values ​​and should be used as estimates only. the calculation of exact values ​​depend on a wide variety of conditions.

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