A 100% wireless SSI protection system for your safety!

Quick and easy installation, type 4 firefighting equipment is essential for ERP and ERT.



Type 4 radio alarm equipment is suitable for SSI category D or E equipment according to standard NF S61-936.
This product is perfectly suited to ERP (Establishments Receiving the Public) such as, for example, shops, hotels or restaurants. In addition, this device proves to be a real ally in your safety when monitoring the storage of flammable materials.

The special feature of this product is its ease of installation in an ISS. Indeed, the different elements of the latter allow it to be connected, without additional configuration, to audible warning devices, radio manual triggers, etc.

Finally, this type 4 radio fire equipment has various advantages:

  • Radio level indication
  • Autonomy up to 2 years
  • Possibility of connecting a maximum of 9 slave alarms to the “master” base
  • Compatible with the Finsecur Radio Relay Card, which increases its relay range.


Radio interconnection:
of 10 elements
Radio range:
in free field (configurable)
Installation assistance:
audible signal
Optimal site security:
elements self-monitoring system
Audible diagnostic aid for easy troubleshooting
Nominal characteristic
Configurable sounds (only AFNOR sound is certified for use in France)
Flashing white flash in alarm:
every 1.5 seconds
Radio interconnection of 10 elements:
1 master and 9 slaves (DM or Type 4)
Group configuration :
coding during commissioning
Communication diagnosis :
Battery status indication :
by lights
Power source
Piles AA 1,5V lithium 3300mAh
H : 242 mm x L : 126 mm x P : 75 mm
Gramme :
805 g

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