Alarm system

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FINSECUR fire safety centralizer
The control panels are the centerpiece of fire detection and alarm systems, and allow the essential functions of fire prevention to be carried out: monitoring, detection of an outbreak of fire, ambient control air via [...]
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FINSECUR radio manual call point
Manual radio trigger for type 4 radio alarm to achieve a category D or E SSI within the meaning of Standard NF S61-936. When the wireless manual call point is activated, it sends a radio connection [...]
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FINSECUR certified manual alarm call point
This manual call point is suitable for conventional alarms. It has an action indicator and a reset key included. This ISS equipment is strongly recommended for Establishments Receiving the Public (E.R.P) and Establishments Receiving Workers [...]
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RISCO wireless motion detector
How does a motion detector work? The role of the motion detector is to detect when someone is in your house when they shouldn't be. A motion sensor can use different technologies (CCTV camera, infrared ...) [...]
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