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WatchOUT™ DT eXtreme
Providing reliable intrusion detection to environments outside your building is a huge challenge. Designed in response to market demand, the WatchOUT ™ Extreme provides better 24-hour protection against vandalism, both with the Active IR Anti-Mask, and [...]
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Wireless Photo Module
The wireless photo module supports up to 32 RISCO wireless detectors and enables transmission of images from RISCO photo detectors. The module is installed in BUS mode and can be installed in an optimal area [...]
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Wireless glass break detector
The wireless glass break detector is an additional solution to peripheral protection. It detects intruders while they are still outside. Based on the advanced analysis of the glass breakage pattern by both channels, low and high [...]
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Two-way wireless magnetic contact
The RISCO Two-Way Wireless Door / Window Contact - Model RWX73M, is an ideal supervised transmitter for wireless protection of peripheral doors / windows in residential and small commercial applications. This transmitter has a built-in [...]
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Site safety
Safety on a construction site is everyone's business! In France, one in two construction companies is the victim of at least one significant theft of more than € 10,000 per year. Companies are particularly concerned by [...]
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Video surveillance
Why install a video surveillance system? Video surveillance in Nice is essential for the safety of citizens whether at home, in business, and even outdoors on public roads. Nice is to this end, one of the [...]
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