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WatchOUT™ DT eXtreme
Providing reliable intrusion detection to environments outside your building is a huge challenge. Designed in response to market demand, the WatchOUT ™ Extreme provides better 24-hour protection against vandalism, both with the Active IR Anti-Mask, and [...]
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Seismic Detector
The Seismic Detector is a high security detector for the 24/7 portection of safes, cash dispensers, reinforced concrete walls and vaults, steel rebar cabinets, merchandise vending machines and doors. Equipped with advanced technologies, the seismic detector [...]
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> 8MP, 1/2.8” CMOS image sensor, low illuminance, high image definition > Outputs max.8MP (3840 × 2160) @20 fps (AI function enabled by default)and supports 8MP (3840 × 2160) @25/30 fps (when AI function disabled) > H.265 [...]
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Front door
A good front door is good, but a real security system is even better! The front door is the most vulnerable place in housing and in the professional room. With its experience in the Alpes-Maritimes, [...]
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Site safety
Safety on a construction site is everyone's business! In France, one in two construction companies is the victim of at least one significant theft of more than € 10,000 per year. Companies are particularly concerned by [...]
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Take control of the security of your assets, your office and your loved ones! PSF security alarms are adapted to YOUR needs and YOUR lifestyle and offer you a tailor-made service for the Nice alarm installation. [...]
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