Filtre par etiquette

To prevent is to cure! The shipyard can be a place of lust. To ensure that any dangerous situation does not have a chance to arise, the Côte-d'Azur's boat maintenance and repair professionals must have the [...]
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Alarm > Particular
Why install an anti-intrusion alarm? According to the latest INSEE report, more than 240,000 home burglaries are reported in France each year and, on average, a home burglary in France occurs every 90 seconds. The Alpes-Maritimes department [...]
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Alarm > Construction site
In France, one in two construction companies is the victim of at least one significant theft of more than € 10,000 per year. Without counting losses or deliberate damage, the safety of a site is [...]
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Alarm > Professional
Why install an anti-intrusion alarm system? Did you know that out of 400,000 burglaries recorded, more than 44% of the victims are traders? Unfortunately, the crime rate continues to rise and many business premises are significantly affected [...]
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