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WiFi Communication Module
The WiFi communication module is a module that allows the connection of ProSYS Plus, Agility or WiComm Pro control panels to an IP network via a WiFi router. The WiFi module offers a practical solution for [...]
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Public construction site
Site managers need to protect their equipment and materials against theft, which is proving to be increasingly sophisticated and organized: vandalism, goods stolen from construction sites, heavy machinery. Networks of construction thieves often lead to heavy [...]
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Structural work site
The increased responsibility of Nice contractors for the health and safety of their staff has caused many companies to decide to use a mobile monitoring system to monitor site activities. In addition, construction sites are [...]
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Construction site
Because it is essential to provide a safe environment, the safety of people and protect your goods, PSF Sécurité intervenes on your commercial site and installs a wide range of protection and anti-intrusion alarms. The protection [...]
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Video surveillance
Why install a video surveillance system? Video surveillance in Nice is essential for the safety of citizens whether at home, in business, and even outdoors on public roads. Nice is to this end, one of the [...]
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