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Construction site
Because it is essential to provide a safe environment, the safety of people and protect your goods, PSF Sécurité intervenes on your commercial site and installs a wide range of protection and anti-intrusion alarms. The protection [...]
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To prevent is to cure! The shipyard can be a place of lust. To ensure that any dangerous situation does not have a chance to arise, the Côte-d'Azur's boat maintenance and repair professionals must have the [...]
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Site safety
Safety on a construction site is everyone's business! In France, one in two construction companies is the victim of at least one significant theft of more than € 10,000 per year. Companies are particularly concerned by [...]
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Fires > Professional
Why install a fire alarm system? Fire is not inevitable and can be avoided! However, if no measures are put in place, the incident can have dramatic economic repercussions: 70% of businesses affected by fire disappear [...]
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Video surveillance > Particular
Did you know that only 8% of French households are equipped with video surveillance? A deterrent against intruders, video surveillance is essential for the security of a home. A professionally installed home security system can provide [...]
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Video surveillance > Construction site
Why choose video surveillance? Each year, construction companies lose between 1 and 2% of their turnover due to theft on construction sites. Indeed, many construction sites are true open spaces, which makes them an easy target [...]
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Video surveillance > Professional
Why choose video surveillance? With less than 13% of burglaries solved in France, the presence of a CCTV camera is the guarantee that your business and your premises are protected. It is important for businesses to be [...]
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Video surveillance
Why install a video surveillance system? Video surveillance in Nice is essential for the safety of citizens whether at home, in business, and even outdoors on public roads. Nice is to this end, one of the [...]
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