Wireless alarm

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PTM RISCO-program transfer module for control panel
The Program Transfer Module (PTM) allows you to save and apply standard programming. In addition, you can use the PTM on control panels that have already been programmed. The PTM makes it possible to: creat a [...]
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RISCO wireless repeater
How can I improve a weak alarm signal? The repeater improves signal transmission when the intrusion detection device or sensor is too far from the control panel. Thus, in certain configurations of your environment the signal [...]
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RISCO wireless motion detector
How does a motion detector work? The role of the motion detector is to detect when someone is in your house when they shouldn't be. A motion sensor can use different technologies (CCTV camera, infrared ...) [...]
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RISCO Wireless LCD Keypad
The RISCO Wireless LCD Keypad is easy to install using a dedicated mounting bracket, available for indoor and outdoor installation. It is designed to match with transmitter and receiver systems. The strategic location of the [...]
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Take control of the security of your assets, your office and your loved ones! PSF security alarms are adapted to YOUR needs and YOUR lifestyle and offer you a tailor-made service for the Nice alarm installation. [...]
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